Saturday, October 16, 2010

Asa - Be my man

ASA - Be My Man
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Sunday, October 10, 2010


Genre: Drama
Directed by: Shirley Frimpong Manso
Starring: Jackie Appiah, Lydia Forson & Naa Ashorkor-Mensah

Three virgins is a story about the different emotional experiences of three women and long time friends.
Aseyeh (Jackie Appiah) a newly married housewife who's marriage to her handsome husband (Chris Attoh) would have been perfect if not for his shortcoming in one very crucial department of marital life. Akesi(Naa Ashorkor-Mensah) the upwardly mobile career lady who seem to be torn between giving up the off and on relationship with her well-to-do guy and also compromising more to be with whom she loves. And the very sexy and adventurous Dede (Lydia Forson) still in search of her own mister right. Each having to tackle some odd encounters in their respective quest for love. The opening scene of the film is a part you surely wouldnt want to miss.

The writer and director must be applauded for this one. Because the story line i will say is well plotted and executed right on point far from the one-directional stories common in Nollywood. The three main characters had their respective issues thus creating a lot of interesting drama worth seeing through.

The photography should be commended my best shot in the film would be where the girls were having some sort of conference chat and the way the visuals rightly depicted it. Also the stray shots taken in between certain scenes showing a bit of daily life in accra i think is really professional and will make one appreciate the setting even more. The choice of music and how it relates with the scenes is really creative most especially how Ghanaian music is promoted in a very friendly way. There is quite a lot of well executed humour in this film, which are well timed and not forced (really made me laugh i must confess). The Kissing scenes look so real and intense.

Some parts of the storyline were a bit unrealistic or rather hasty and i believe the screenwriter could have done a lot better. A serious issue such as having sex with a friend's husband, i honestly think should incur more wrath than what the film showed.

John Dumelo i would cnsider a bit too young and naive for his role. And there were some hesitations that called for a retake which the director failed to take note of. 

The storyline as simple as it is does not warrant a sequel which is really a big problem in the african film industry, where directors are forced to yield to the selfish interest of the sponsor/marketer. Little wonder the story was made to drag a bit at the early parts of the film just in order to make space for the sequel.  

A good film and well above the standard of most Nollywood produced films. The actors all proved their worth which goes to show names dont matter but how well a director can harness the acting talent of the relatively unknown to make a good film. 

This highlights the fact that the Ghanaian industry is fast on the rise and this could spell a big doom to Nollywood. This film gets an 'entertane' rating of 7/10. Worth the while.